Doors and Windows


  • In the business world durability and product life expectancy means lower down time and less expense. Hollow metal door frames and window units are industry standard for those reasons and more. Constructed of 16 gauge steel, metal frames are strong enough for most environments. They are easily installed in new construction and existing drywall. And because they are steel there is never chipping or splitting of frames and moulding. Best of all, metal frames are inexpensive and install quickly, saving on labor costs. Window units can be fabricated to any size required and glass selection is limited only by market availability.
    • Doors are available in 18 and 20 gauge, hollow or insulated steel, hollow and solid core wood, FRP finished and more. Doors can have lites (windows) from 10″ x 10″ to almost the full surface area. Hardware is available to match existing or match your specs.
  • Door styles range from single acting to double acting, single or double door units, sliding doors, dutch doors, just to name a few. Wood doors and frames are also available for projects that require this type of product. The most popular wood used is birch and red oak but other species are available.