Movable Office Partitions

For the office that requires frequent changes in space requirements, movable partitions can be the answer to accommodate those needs.The advantages of movable partitions is many.
They are available for ceiling high private offices or cornice high semi-private offices. Both can be supplied with or without doors.The product is pre-finished with durable vinyl covered panels and painted or anodized aluminum components. Panels and components are all field cut to adapt to site conditions.

Installation is neat, clean and fast with a minimal amount of noise when compared with standard drywall construction. A 12′ x 12′ corner office (2 walls) including a door can be installed complete in approximately 1/2 day.Movable office partitions are completely reusable as opposed to standard drywall which is torn down and disposed when changes occur.When conditions change the walls can be easily removed and relocated or existing walls can be extended as your needs dictate.